Friday, July 15, 2011

July Showers (23/300)

2 a.m. showers bring
deep, sinful whispers,
the pitter-patter of wet dreams and
flashes of brilliance.

Finish it (22/300)

A book arrives that
part of me wishes was
my own...
red hardcover and
pristine sheath; will I ever?

Duck Front Property (21/300)

A water-logged bale of
hay, now a wood duck's nest with
a lake front view.

Grasses and Crops (20/300)

Foxtail grass, lonely in
the     w   i   n   d,
awaits friends with
yellow flowers.

His eyes (19/300)

Murky emerald green with
reddish brown bark and
lush brown soil found
in hazel eyes that
frame the   d  e  p  t  h  s   of
his soul

Pillow Fight (18/300)

Eco-friendly, bamboo, cotton pillows are
less messy than down in a
big-box parking lot

Black Birds and Cattails (17/300)

Yellow-headed black birds play
chicken, precariously
          perched    on
f l u f f y cattails.